MgeeCal Softgel Capsule

Use of MgeeCal Softgel Capsule :

The active form of vitamin D found in the body is MgeeCal Softgel Capsule (Calcitriol Calcium Citrate Zinc Sulphate And Magnesium Oxide). It controls calcium levels by boosting calcium and phosphate absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. It also suppresses the release of PTH and enhances calcium and phosphate reabsorption in the kidneys. Calcitriol Calcium Citrate Zinc Sulphate And Magnesium Oxide Soft Gelatin Capsules are also often used to treat hypocalcemia and osteoporosis.


Benefits :

  • Useful in bone health.
  • Useful in joint pain.
  • Maintain Flexibility.
  • Increase Muscle Power.
  • Increase Elasticity of the joint.
  • Maintain Calcium level in the body.


How to take  :

As directed by Dietitian


MgeeCal Softgel Capsule.


Composition :

Calcium Citrate :
It is involved in bone development, blood vessel relaxation and contraction, neuronal message transmission, and hormone secretion. Calcium is also required for blood coagulation in the body. When bleeding, this minimises excessive blood loss.
Magnesium :
Magnesium contributes to normal muscle and neuron function, a stable heart rhythm, a robust immune system, and strong bones. Magnesium is also involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis, as well as helping to regulate blood sugar levels and maintain normal blood pressure.
Zinc :
Many body activities rely on it, including immunological response, reproduction, growth and development, and neurological functioning. It is well-known for its role in the bone remodelling cycle.
Calcitriol : 
It’s a type of Vitamin D that’s utilised to treat and prevent calcium deficiency in the bloodstream. Calcitriol works by assisting the body in utilising more calcium from diets and supplements. It’s also often used to help premature babies get more calcium in their blood.

Precaution & Warnings :

Unless a healthcare expert recommends it for a specific problem, pregnant nursing mothers should not use any single supplement in higher-than-normal dosages. Only use this combination during pregnancy and lactation if the benefits outweigh the dangers. Avoid using to be on the safe side.


Side Effects :

Constipation or stomach distress are possible side effects. Tell your doctor or pharmacist right away if any of these side effects persist or worsen.



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