Mgee-Ortho Oil

Use Of Mgee-Ortho Oil :

Mgee-Ortho Oil is an ayurvedic herbal pain treatment derived from various plant extracts. Each plant has its own set of properties that aid in the relief of pain in many sections of the body, including the muscles, legs, neck, shoulders, joints, and back. It works as a muscle pain reliever and an ayurvedic oil for shoulder pain, as well as providing joint pain alleviation.


How to Use :

Pour roughly 5ml to 10ml of Mgee-Ortho Oil and gently massage over the problematic body regions such as the muscles, legs, neck, shoulders, joints, and back. Do not apply the pain relief oil to any wounds or cuts immediately. Use the product at least twice a day, or as your doctor suggests.


Mgee-Ortho Oil


Benefits of Mgee-Ortho Oil :

  • The medicinal components in these plants aid in improving blood circulation in stiff muscles and limbs.
  • They help to relieve body aches and pains, as well as acute joint discomfort and swelling.
  • The oil is quickly absorbed and dispersed across the afflicted area.
  • It contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
  • Pepper mint oil is extremely effective in the treatment of chronic pain.
  • Til oil, also known as sesamum indicum, is used to treat mild to severe pain.
  • Menthol acts as a topical anesthetic, providing immediate pain relief from swollen joints.
  • The oil’s natural components stimulate blood circulation around the joints, which helps to relieve stiff muscles.


Safety Information :

  • Use under the guidance of a physician.
  • Store in a cool, dry location.
  • Keep your distance from youngsters.

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