CureKuff Syrup

Use of CureKuff Syrup :

CureKuff Syrup is an Ayurvedic cough syrup made entirely of natural components that have been utilised in Ayurveda to alleviate dry and ineffective coughs. As the next flu season approaches, stock up on CureKuff as your Ayurvedic cough and cold treatment.
  • By eliminating phlegm and reducing inflammation in the respiratory tract, the syrup aids in the relief of acute and chronic cough.
  • It provides both children and adults with quick and effective cough alleviation.
  • It contains herbs that have been shown to be anti-allergic and can assist with allergy symptoms such as a persistent cough and cold.
  • The substances aid in bronchial relaxation and excellent phlegm elimination.
  • CureKuff syrup’s active ingredients are free of alcohol and narcotic compounds, therefore it has no sedative effects, sleepiness, or drug dependence.

How to Use :

Adults : 2 teaspoonful three times a day, or as advised by your doctor
Children : 1 teaspoonful three times a day, or as advised by your doctor


CureKuff Syrup


Key Ingredients of CureKuff Syrup :

CureKuff Syrup is an ayurvedic cough and cold treatment that works from within. It aids in the relief of any cough, cold, and sore throat symptoms, as well as allergy problems. Various strong substances make up the composition for this ayurvedic powerhouse.
  • Bharangi
  • Somlata
  • Lasura
  • Kantkari
  • Tulsi
  • Kakarshringi
  • Bahera
  • Yashtimadhu
  • Anardana
  • Kaiphal
  • Honey


Benefits :

This Ayurvedic cough treatment is made with naturally occurring components and is suitable for both adults and children. It does not have a sedative effect, thus there is no drowsiness as a result. Because it contains Vasa, a time-tested plant for respiratory disorders, it is indicated in Ayurvedic therapy for dry cough. Somlata is a bronchodilator and expectorant that has been used for centuries, while Bharangi helps with allergic rhinitis, sore throats, and bronchitis. CureKuff Syrup is your Ayurvedic cough syrup of choice when combined with the rest of the herbal ingredients.



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