AlstoneFlush (Disodium Hydrogen Citrate) is used in the following ways:

Gout and kidney stones are treated with AlstoneFlush (Disodium Hydrogen Citrate).


AlstoneFlush’s Mechanism of Action:

Urine alkalizer AlstoneFlush (Disodium Hydrogen Citrate) It works by lowering the acidity of urine by raising the pH. This aids in the removal of excess uric acid from the kidneys, reducing gout and certain types of kidney stones.


How to Use AlstoneFlush :

After meals, dilute the prescribed dose of AlstoneFlush (Disodium Hydrogen Citrate) with a glass of water and drink it. Your doctor will choose how long you should take it based on your medical situation (Disodium Hydrogen Citrate)


Common Side Effects of AlstoneFlush :


Expert’s Advice :


  • To avoid stomach distress, take Disodium Hydrogen Citrate with a glass of water or fruit juice after each meal.
  • To obtain the best benefits, continue to take it as directed by your doctor.
  • While taking this medication, you may have stomach ache. If it troubles you, tell your doctor.
  • If you’re pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or breastfeeding, let your doctor know.

Some Important Information About Alstoneflush :

Alstoneflush is a urinary alkaliser used to treat kidney stones, gout, and renal tubular acidosis. Kidney stones are tiny, hard deposits of calcium, phosphate, and other minerals/acid salts that form in concentrated urine. Renal tubular acidosis is a condition in which the kidneys fail to eliminate acids into the urine, resulting in an acidic state in the blood.

It contains disodium hydrogen phosphate, which metabolises to bicarbonate and enhances the excretion of free bicarbonate ions, increasing cysteine solubility and converting uric acid to soluble urate ion. This helps to raise the pH of the urine, which makes it less acidic.

After meals, dilute the advised dose of Alstoneflush with a glass of water and drink it. Depending on your medical condition, you should take it for as long as your doctor has prescribed it. Certain typical adverse effects, such as abdominal discomfort, diarrhoea, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting, may occur in some circumstances. The majority of these adverse effects do not necessitate medical treatment and will subside with time. However, if you are experiencing these adverse effects on a regular basis, you should consult your doctor.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your doctor before using Alstoneflush (Disodium Hydrogen Citrate). While taking this medication, stay away from alcohol (Disodium Hydrogen Citrate). It is unknown whether it will impair your driving ability; drive only if you are aware. Before providing Alstoneflush to youngsters, consult a doctor. To rule out any negative effects, keep your doctor updated about your health condition and medications.


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